Engineering Manager

Bengaluru   |   Full Time

The Engineering team forms the backbone of all our products. We have come a long way from being a small group of developers who primarily focused on how to ship the next feature or enhancement within the shortest time. What served us well back then, can be quite detrimental to us at the current scale. In an Engineering Manager, we are seeking to find a mature individual who can not only lead by example in the technical sphere but also, guide the team towards embracing relevant and good practices and processes.

You will:

  • Work closely with the Product Management team to assess design requirements and establish technical feasibility on the implementation side.
  • Break down non-trivial problems into modules which can then be shared with developers.
  • Ensure that key development processes and guidelines are followed during the development and deployment lifecycle.
  • Contribute towards the best practices that establish sound practices in the team.
  • Mentor, guide and direct developers towards improving their skills.
  • Take up development tasks where it might help set up a solid base/foundation upon which other developers can build. Also, if required, step in for development tasks where the developer team might be struggling or you can contribute to share the load.
  • Help assess and plan the development of developers within the team.
  • Engage the DevOps team to recommend and establish infrastructure level workflows related to deployment, automated testing and stability of systems.

We are looking for someone who has:

  • A BE/B.Tech degree, or equivalent experience in a product focused company, which has built and established products in the market.
  • A minimum of 8-10 years of technical experience with 3-4 years of experience leading a development team.
  • A solid understanding in building vast, inter-connected, distributed systems.
  • Strong knowledge of structuring applications source-code for non-trivial application.
  • Been well-versed with SDLC processes but also possesses curiosity of learning and deploying processes that enhance the capability of the team to effectively manage source-code.
  • Confidence in programming for the simplest of features to building complex frameworks involving deep, fundamental knowledge.
  • Understanding and experience of working on scalable systems involving both data-size and throughput.
  • Exceptional communication skills — you can engage and drive conversations with stakeholders and target audience. Not only write engaging technical documents/wiki for the team, but also build a culture of writing amongst the developers.
  • Good knowledge of working across the full-stack of a web-based application with a focus on the application and persistence and ephemeral storage layers.
  • Experience of working with Python, JS, PHP — with a focus on Python.

Nice to haves:

  • Experience in a high growth technology, B2B SaaS company.
  • Ability to use a UI/UX tool like Figma or Sketch to design interfaces and workflows.
  • Good practical knowledge of DevSecOps/SRE aspects of a web-based application.

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